Programme Quality Assurance

Organisations often face the challenge of ensuring that their programmes are conducted effectively and efficiently. Programme evaluation plays a critical role in the overall quality assurance process, providing a systematic approach in assessing the quality of content, delivery, and impact. Programme Quality Assurance encompasses various activities including impact evaluation planning, gathering baseline information, observing delivery of programmes, feedback analysis and reporting.

At RSOG, we are deeply committed to the continuous practice of programme evaluation as a cornerstone of our mission to develop knowledgeable, competent, and future ready public sector leaders. We recognise that programme evaluation is not merely a checkbox to be ticked, but rather a fundamental process that guides our planning of future programmes. Our commitment to programme evaluation is reflected in our dedication to systematically evaluate our mandated, open, and customised programmes as we continuously strive to enhance the effectiveness and efficiency of our programmes for our stakeholders.

As we navigate the complexities of today’s challenges, we remain steadfast in our belief that quality assurance is not just a tool, but a guiding principle that shapes our decisions, informs our strategies, and drives positive change. Together, through our commitment to quality assurance, RSOG will continue to innovate, adapt, and deliver meaningful programmes that maximises learning experience and enable leaders to reach their full potential.